Partnership Opportunities with WhatSales

Welcome to our Partnerships desk! We’re growing, and we’d love to partner with you. We, well we’re the profit partners to a growing ecommerce community. We have developed and continuously work in developing awesome profitability analytic solutions to ecommerce sellers helping Sellers understand, how much they made, spent, lost – and how much their business is worth.

Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy, Walmart, OnBuy, Shopify, Woo… the list is growing and so are our integrations, we aim in becoming the preferred profit partner of choice to Sellers, all over the world.

Built with passion, we are growing rapidly and fast becoming the SaaS of choice to thousands of sellers, state of the art data performance management, multi-channel software solutions. Sellers keep selling, and we keep delivering to them Real-Time Data Stats, helping Sellers make smarter, wiser, analytical decisions.

If Sellers know, they’ll make better decisions to sell more – and earn more, and that’s WhatSales helps them do.

“WhatSales is like Google Analytics, Excel, Super Calculators all super-charged for Ecommerce Sellers” A Sabar, Business Partner Agency

course creators


social media admins

software providers

affiliate marketers



email and contact marketing agencies

With full tech & marketing support we will be happy to work with you to maximise potential all the while delivering the best in value to your customer base. Our teams become an extension to your team, and together we deliver value to your audience.

Personalised Social Media 

Our dedicated design & content teams will work with you to personalise messaging, create awesome video and animated content to share on yours – and ours social media, email, direct push and web messaging to your audience. This will enable uniformity, brand consistency and most importantly value in proposition.

Email Marketing

Custom emailing marketing solutions to your customer base comes as standard, with a choice of your-place or ours we will custom design and send drip email marketing campaigns, follow up automations and custom messaging to your email lists and divert them to custom WhatSales partner domain landing pages to enable their sign up, onboarding and retention campaigns.

Customised Onboarding

Let’s give your audience a customised onboarding solution, partnered with – You. Your audience deserves to know their journey with the courses, information or content does not end with an email, we will customise their onboarding process with your logo, welcome messaging and personalised thank you follow up email campaigns after successful onboarding.

Personalised Retention Campaigns

Subscription aside, value is what WhatSales is built upon, and that is the number one reason why we have such a high retention level with all our users. We value your customer base and value that our customers – are your customers, we offer a personalised retention campaign which includes periodic thank you emails, follow up and partner messaging from you to them via WhatSales platform. This adds value and ensures that they are remembered.

One of our favourites, is the ability for video messaging, from your organisation to them within the WhatSales platforms!

GDPR Compliant, ISO Standards Approved. Privacy Respected

We value your privacy and operate at the highest standards. We are GDPR Compliant, never spam and never share data.

Our servers are cloud-based and offline onsite within the EU. We never store data locally and all our users data is private to them.

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