About us

Rashad Hussain
 Founder, WhatSales

With 18+ years of experience in marketing strategy, our Founder is well-equipped to handle product launches and scale traffic. Capable of leveraging social media platforms (like Amazon, eBay), search engines & email campaigns to drive effective growth across the board. An award-winning leader who can work under pressure and utilize smart strategies for cost reduction while achieving organic reach goals – a valuable asset when dealing with complex challenges!


An expert in tech, he excels at streamlining website and funnel creation while ensuring appropriate Search Engine Optimization tactics are established to generate organic growth. With experience creating CRMs, custom apps and large-scale automation systems for comprehensive marketing strategies, He has the knowhow to bridge the gap between industry standards with development teams’ needs.

Meet The Team

Our team is made up of talented, motivated professionals who are dedicated to creating a positive impact. Whether it’s ecommerce solutions or developing strategies, these experts have what it takes for us to reach our goals – and yours.

Usman Fazal
Chief Technology Officer

A visionary leader who expertly directs the Software Architecture & Team Management. He deftly navigates the entire development process from concept to deployment, leveraging both front-end and back-end proficiency for successful product delivery.

Moh Hamza
Marketing Success Manager

Our marketing lead is a true ace in the field of ecommerce. His talented grasp on managing complex processes gives us an invaluable edge as we pursue our goals with WhatSales.

Ali Jalil
Chief Digital Officer

Our Chief Digital Officer brings  WhatSales into the digital age. He is able to craft an inspiring and highly effective strategy, while integrating all relevant initiatives with long-term planning to reach success!

Macuma Aly
Data Analyst & Content Writer

WhatSales has the ideal combination of talents with our Data Analyst and Content Writer. With her expertise in ecommerce our blogs and articles come alive through the compositions she creates.

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