Amazon Adapts To European Regulations With Sweeping Changes

Amazon Adapts To European Regulations With Sweeping Changes
Amazon is responding to major regulatory changes in Europe by adapting its business practices. Amazon’s agreement with the European Commission has been given the green light to proceed.

Amazon’s response shows that they are taking the regulations seriously and proactively reforming their policies. This antitrust agreement relates to Amazon’s utilization of data in a manner that unjustly affects sellers and other Amazon competitors.
Consumers can now look forward to more options when scouring Amazon’s virtual shelves. They are receiving fair deals as Amazon will no longer have an unfair advantage.
Amazon has agreed to a deal that sees it pledge commitment and equal treatment for its sellers over seven years, in addition to restrictions on data usage enduring five more.
This agreement is being seen as an influential precedent ahead of the European Union’s imminent Digital Markets Act, which promises sweeping changes across tech companies worldwide.

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