Deposit method an issue on Amazon?

Deposit method an issue on Amazon? Here’s how you can fix it!
For existing WISE customers who face errors with the deposit method on Amazon, there are a few steps.
Firstly, a Payoneer account on business details should be created. Upon verification, the existing Wise statement can be used. Once Payoneer is approved, the deposit method can be updated in the Seller Central deposit method tab.

Additionally, Globally Bank can assist for generating bank statements to use in the Payoneer verification process.
For those who have recently registered an LLC, it is recommended to create a Wise account first. Once it is approved and the statement is available, a Payoneer account on the business account should be created and the Wise statement can be used for verification purposes.
Once the Payoneer is approved, the received bank information can be used as a deposit method when creating a fresh Seller Central account. Furthermore, this statement is accepted during fresh sign-up as well as later in case of re-verification.
Additionally, Globalfy Bank can also be used for generating bank statements in the Payoneer verification process as well as for attaching as a deposit method on US-based Amazon accounts.
If you are not facing any problem with WISE no need to change anything.


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