Why Amazon is the best delivery company in the UK?

Why Amazon is the best delivery company in the UK?
According to Opinium 2022 Survey, many consumers said they were “satisfied” with their delivery, which clearly shows that Amazon is doing something right.

At the bottom of the pile came DHL, with a significantly lower satisfaction rate. Evri also had a relatively good rating, followed by FedEx and Yodel. UPS and Parcelforce each scored higher than DHL.
The fact that Amazon managed to beat out all other major companies should come as no surprise given their long history of providing customers with excellent delivery service.
They have consistently invested in better technology and infrastructure which allows them to provide faster deliveries at a lower cost.
Additionally, they offer customers various tracking options to stay informed about their package’s progress every step of the way.
In light of this data, Amazon is setting an example for how companies ought to operate when it comes to shipping goods across Europe.
It would be wise for other companies in the industry such as DHL and Evri to take note and learn from Amazon’s success if they want to deliver packages quickly and efficiently without sacrificing customer satisfaction levels.

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